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Foundation of the Charnocks herd:

The herd's development and breeding policy:

Achievements so far...

Health Policy:

Semen and stock availability:

Foundation of the Charnocks herd

Our foundation goat, Airedale Beauty

The Charnocks herd was founded in 1979 with the purchase of our first pedigree British Toggenburg, Airedale Beauty, then a four year old milker.

It was another 4 years before we entered Beauty in her first show where, as an 8 year old, she gave 6.05 kilos of milk with fats of 3.36% at the morning milking and 5.76% at the evening milking, so winning her star and the milking competition too.


Development of the herd and our breeding policies

Our early success laid the foundations for our breeding  policy of producing consistently high yielding, sound, attractive animals capable of long lactations over many years.

To do this Charnocks milkers have, right from the start, been selected  to:

give good first lactations;

milk for more than 365 days with a high yield in the second year;

remain sound into old age.

Many of the goats in the herd are still descended from Beauty.

A second family, founded with the purchase of two females from the Woldsway herd in the early 80's, has produced another successful and  enduring line.

The herd has been entirely homebred for many years and in particular there has been:

no bought in females for above 16 years ;

no bought in males for 12 years.

New blood, from the best males available, is now being introduced through AI.  
Achievements so far...

The current herd is exhibited at major shows, often winning inspection and milking classes,  and has been BGS milk recorded for 25 years. It averages only five milkers but has produced:

6 female Champions (all breeds eligible)

17 female Breed Champions

12 milkers yielding 2000 kilos+

23 milkers yielding 1700 kilos+

More detailed data, including lactation records, are shown in the Champions and the Breed Champions sections.

A lot of milk means a lot of milking

Health Policy

We have a very high health status , and consider its maintenance a top priority.

We  have been scrapie monitored for over 12 years.

CAE monitored for over 21 years.

There has never been a case of Johnnes disease or Caseous Lymphadenitis on the premises.

Semen and stock availability
All the most successful and promising herd sires now have semen taken and stored. This is available for sale both in the UK and for export. ( email )

Youngstock is often for sale and enquiries are welcome. ( email )

Stock has already been exported to Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Kenya, Switzerland and Tanzania.

At present we have not exported semen - but we would like to !